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Student Association Lomonosov MSU BS - organization, aiming at uniting Lomonosov MSU BS students, their abilities, talents and ideas for achieving the following objectives:

- to develope relations with other MSU faculties
- to actively take part in social life of the university
- to establish, enlarge and maintain the partner relations with foreigner universities and students

For the time being The Association is devided into 3 directions:
- Commitie of extra-curricular activities: the duty of the commitie is to provide students with proper extra-curricular events, helping students from all years to get to know each other, creating unified morale of the faculty and the university, and generating opportunities for the students to accomplish their goals and put their ideas into life.
- Department of International Affairs - the duty of this commitie is to support students, coming to Lomonosov MU BS as exchange students or guests, and also arranging educational overseas trips to partner univirsities.
- Sports Commitie - tge duty of this commitie is arranging sports competiton and promoting sports among Lomonosov MU BS students

The Department of International Affairs

At the initiative of Lomonosov MU BS Student Association in the autumn-winter 2010 semester the Department Of inInternaional Affairs was set up.  The project was approved by the Dean O.S. Vikhansky and the administration of the faculty.
In the article, we will briefly inform you about the mission, main activities and future plans of the Department.

Our mission:
1) building up and maintaining international student relations
2) increasing student cultural awarness

Our main activities:
1) Arrangement of educational  short-term overseas trips to partner universities
2) Assistance of exchange students and foreign guests

Upcoming projects:
1) Meeting exchange students from France and Finland, coming for the spring semester 2011
2) Meeting guests from Estonian Business School (March 2011)
3) Trip to our partner university in the Netherlands - Tilburg University (May 2011)

We are glad to invite all socialy active students in our team! All the ideas, proposals and projects, connected with our activity, is welcome.

Contact us:
Emily Manvelyan (the Head of The International Department)
+7 916 0924 782

Sergey Ten (The President of Student Association Lomonosov MU BS)
+7 916 0406 807

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