Student Exchange Programs

Student exchange programs are carried out between foreign universities and MSU Business School. We are pleased to welcome students from other universities abroad to spend a semester or an academic year at the Business School.

Reasons to go

Experiencing new way of life while studying Living independently in a different country is a good way to become a self-reliant person
Expanding employment opportunities an exchange semester will be a big addition to CV
Learning new language MSUBS provides foreign students with an opportunity to study Russian language for students with different levels of fluency
Enhancing self-confidence and soft skills studying abroad will boost the development of communication skills, adaptability, creativity and problem solving skills
Benefiting from long-standing academic traditions Business School is a part of Lomonosov Moscow State University. It is one of the oldest and largest classical universities in Russia, which conducts fundamental and applied research in various fields
Exploring new culture Moscow has all variety of modern urban entertainments and at the same time it is surrounded by many smaller cities and villages to explore Russian traditions

Categories of applicants


to know your category for application

General eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must have completed at least two semesters of undergraduate studies.
  • Application must be submitted one semester in advance before studying at MSUBS
  • Applicants must continue to be registered in their home university throughout the period of study at MSUBS
  • Applicants must have completed at least one semester of graduate studies.
  • Application must be submitted one semester in advance before studying at MSUBS
  • Applicants must continue to be registered in their home university throughout the period of study at MSUBS
Thoughtful and determined students
  • For undergraduate studies applicants must have the English language proficiency level corresponding with B2 CEFR.
  • For graduate studies applicants must have the English language proficiency level corresponding with C1 CEFR
  • A certificate proving English level proficiency will be an advantage
Open-minded and acceptive students
  • If a student wishes to enroll in courses taught in Russian, he/she should have the Russian language proficiency level corresponding with B2 CEFR.
  • Applicants are expected to be interested in Russian traditions/culture/lifestyle
  • Adaptability and quick learning from your surroundings will be beneficial

Dates and deadlines

Fall semester Nomination deadlines for universities: April 30
Application deadlines for students: May 15

Study period: September 1 — January 24
Spring semester Nomination deadlines for universities: October 15
Application deadlines for students: October 31

Study period: February 7 — June 30


Before arrival
During the exchange program
Before going home
Application at your home university

For Exchange Students

Request your home university to nominate you for international mobility program

For Free movers

Enlist the support of your international office coordinator and contact MSUBS Exchange Program Coordinator expressing your desire to study on MSUBS international mobility program

Documents preparation

Fill up an application form
Prepare the following documents

  • Scanned copy of all filled pages of your passport (make sure that the passport has at least 4 (2 consequent) blank pages and is valid for 18 months (1.5 years) from the date of visa issue)
  • Motivation letter (2 pages maximum written in Russian or English)
  • CV
  • Photo
  • Official Transcript of Academic Records
Acceptance email and invitation letter

Once the MSUBS coordinator received and checked your documents he/she will send you an email that your documents have been received. Later you or your home university will receive an official acceptance letter.

An invitation letter required for visa application will be sent to you separately. Normally it is issued within 45 days after MSUBS receive a completed student application form.


Check if you require a visa to enter Russian Federation.
If you need a visa, please, contact the Visa Application Center or the Consulate of the Russian Federation and follow their guidelines.

Also note that you have to apply for a student visa and the purpose of the trip is «study», «educational» visa type. Students cannot enter Russia with a «tourist» visa or any other types of visa.


If you are willing to live in MSU dormitory, you have to book a room there in advance.

The most typical room is 8 or 12 square meters. Two rooms are combined in one block where there is a toilet and a bathroom. There are about 36 blocks, two kitchens and lobbies on each floor of the dormitory.

To apply for the dormitory, send an email indicating your wish to MSUBS Coordinator. It is needed ONLY if you did not mark it in your application form.

Living cost: it is estimated to be about 14000 rubles per month. To know the exact amount, ask your MSUBS Coordinator.

Health Insurance

It is mandatory for all foreign students to have a medical insurance covering the whole period of stay.

Foreign students having a residence permit or a temporary residence permit in Russia are provided with a Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI).

For other foreign students a Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) is available. Ask MSUBS coordinator to provide you with a link to buy the Insurance.

Course choice

After the official announcement of MSUBS all students in collaboration with their home universities should choose courses from the Course list for the exhange semester.

Login and password along with an updated course list and a detailed instruction will be send to your email 1 month prior to the start of academic semester.

Last preparations

In a week before arrival contact your MSUBS coordinator and provide him/her with the following details:

  • Date and time of arrival
  • Airport of arrival
  • Flight number
  • Health Insurance number
  • Contact number (WhatsApp, Mobile)

As feedback you will get a guideline how to reach Moscow State University.
If you need any assistance mention it in the email as well or ask for buddy help

Check-in at the dormitory

To check-in at the dormitory you have to go to the Dormitory Administration Office
Address: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Main Building; Kolmogorova st., house 1;
To enter the Main Building, please, use the entry located on the side of Lebedeva st. and go to the sector Б.
Office hours: 10:00-17:45 – Room 5, 18:00-10:00 – Room 1


  • Faculty’s confirmation letter of your accommodation (copy)
  • A negative PCR or RT-PCR test done in Russia

Follow the procedures explained by the dormitory’s inspector to check-in and get the key from your room.

Migration rules

After entering Russia you are responsible for obtaining an initial migration registration

In case you live in a rented room, you must be registered at the place of your accommodation. Please, contact the owner of the flat to get registered

In case you live in MSU dormitory, you have to come to MSUBS International Office (room 307) on the next working day after your arrival.
Carry the following documents with you:

  • Passport (original)
  • Migration card (original)
  • 2 photos (3×4 cm, matte paper)
  • “Spravka” from the Dormitory Administration Office
Medical checkup and finger printing

Within 90 days after your arrival, you have to undergo medical checkup and then dactyloscopy (finger printing).

Medical checkup information:
Address: House 10, Building 5,26 Bakinskikh Komissarov st., Moscow; 4th FLOUR
Hours: 9:00am-8:00pm
Price: 5900 rubles (by card)

  • Passport (original + copy)
  • Passport Translation
  • Registration (copy)
  • Migration card (copy)
  • Visa (copy)

For preliminary registration, please, contact your BS coordinator.

Dactyloscopy information:
1. Address: MSU Main building, part “Б”, underground/minus 1 flour, room 15.
Hours: by appointment
Price: 0 rubles (Free)

  • Passport (original)
  • Passport notarized translation (copy)
  • Migration card (original/copy)
  • Registration (original/copy)
  • Medical checkup results (3 papers in original)
  • Student card (original)

You can book your appointment at or ask BS coordinator for help.

2. Address: house 18, building 1, Bahrushina st., Moscow (Paveletskaya metro)
Hours: 9:00-18:00 (Monday-Friday), better to go before 13:00
Price: 1100 rubles

  • Passport (original)
  • Passport notarized translation (original)
  • Migration card (original)
  • Registration (original)
  • Medical checkup results (3 papers on original)
  • Student card (original)

No need for preregistration if you go in the morning hours.

Student card

Social card is an optional document but it gives you a discount in some shops and feed-in tariffs to travel by public transport such as metro, local trains, buses, etc.

To get this card:
Sign a consent to the processing of personal data and wait for 14-30 days till your documents would be registered in the “Register of students”

Go to “My Documents” office with your passport and 2 photos (3×4) to submit an application for this card

After 30 days collect your card from the same office of “My Documents”

Bank card

Bank card is an optional card, however it is very useful. You can choose any Russian Bank to open the card. The most popular governmental banks are Sberbank and VTB and among private banks – Tinkoff.
To open the card, you have to:

  • Contact bank’s assistant manager
  • Submit an application form (here you need your passport and Russian mobile number)
  • Collect the card from the bank office
Preparations for departure

A week before you are planning to go home contact MSUBS exchange coordinator and provide him/her with the following details:

  • Date and time of departure
  • Airport of departure
  • Flight number
Dormitory room

Contact the dormitory’s inspector (room 5) and ask for all necessary procedures to vacate the room.

If you vacate the room at the end of your contract the procedures should be the following:

  • Make sure you fully paid your room’s fees (if you are not sure contact room 16, floor 1, Sector Б)
  • Clear the room from your belongings
  • Find the floor’s manager and submit your key

After the manager marked check out date in a special house-register, you are not a hosteler anymore.

In case you leave the room before the end of the contract, first you have to contact room 16, floor 1, Sector Б and ask for the fees’ recalculation and refund. After this clear the room and contact the floor manager.


Several days before you return to your country, please, fill up the questionnaire sent by MSUBS Exchange program coordinator.

It would be highly appreciated if you give your agreement to publish your feedback in MSUBS’s website and share 6-7 photos showing your experience being a student of this department.

Note: filling the questionnaire is mandatory for all exchange students. However, without your permission no information from it would be published.

Any questions left?

Ask MSUBS Exchange Coordinator
International committee International committee is a student organization created to make BS foreign student’s life easier and more interesting. It consists of three departments:
Buddy department – is responsible for helping foreign students to accomplish everyday tasks such as transfer from an airport to the accommodation place, filling necessary documents and soothing overall adaptation process.
Organizational department – is responsible for planning events, group travelling etc.
Technical department – is responsible for technical support.

To apply for Buddy help and be updated about upcoming events


I don’t speak Russian language. Should I know Russian to study at MSUBS?
For courses taught in Russian it is required to know Russian language at B2 level or above. For courses taught in English there is no such requirements, although certainly basic knowledge of Russian will make your life easier outside the campus.
My financial situation is not good. Can I get a scholarship from MSU BS?
No, unfortunately, MSUBS does not provide students with any scholarship.
I am an exchange student. What expenses am I expected to cover?
The only expense exchange students have NOT to cover is tuition fees (tuition is free). The rest of expenses such as tickets, medical insurance and medical care, living costs and residential fees students are expected to pay by themselves.
I don’t want to live in the dormitory. Where can I search for a rented apartment?
To search for an apartment use Russian well-known websites only. For example, or or
I want to choose courses. Where can I check the list of courses available for this semester?
The list of courses is uploaded here
I need COVID-19 test results. Where can I conduct my COVID test?
You may contact one of the following laboratories:
• Or any other laboratory at Moscow on your choice
I will land at one of International Airports in Moscow. How can I get to the dormitory from the airport?
Download the detailed guideline accordingly:
If you arrive at any other airport or go by railway, please, contact MSUBS coordinator and ask to send you instructions.
I want to learn Russian. What should I do for it?
Please, mention it in your application form.
I have a lot of free time. Can I go for travelling?
Yes, you can, but keep in mind all migration rules. In particular, if you plan to go abroad, then you must have multiple entry visa. And after each entry to Russian Federation from abroad you have to make a new registration. After being registered at a hotel in any other city (except Moscow), student should NOT renew his/her Moscow registration.
How much should I pay for the program?
If you are a student from our partner university:

-Tuition fees – 0
-Dormitory fees – aprox. 14 000 rubles per month
-Living cost – 20 000 – 25 000 rubles per month (it is minimum spending. The real cost is highly dependent on your demands)

If you are a free mover:

-Tuition fees for BA&MA – 285 000&247 500 rubles per semester
-Dormitory fees – aprox. 14 000 rubles per month
-Living cost – 20 000 – 25 000 rubles per month (it is minimum spending. The real cost is highly dependent on your demands)

Ask your question

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    Daria Denisova Head of the International Office +7 (495) 939 21 03
    Asya Movsesova Exchange program coordinator
    Ekaterina Ivanova Exchange program coordinator