Bachelor program

Business Management and Entrepreneurship
4-year educational program in management The program equips students with knowledge of business, management, economics, masters managerial skills as well as shapes students’ entrepreneurial mindset.


Learning by doing Active teaching methods applied in the classroom allow students to develop decision-making, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.
International outlook During the program students are exposed to international academic experience by actively taking part in student exchange programs, international summer schools and a range of short-term international collaborative projects.
Corporate culture Employees, professors, students, and representatives of the business community share values of mutual respect, recognition, and transparency.
Immersion into business environment Cooperation with leading companies gives students the opportunity to learn from the real business cases and enhances their employability after graduation.
Academic excellence and education quality of MSU Business school benefits from being a part of the oldest and most profound science university. Long-standing academic traditions are strengthened with cutting-edge business education pedagogy.
Holistic approach to business mindset The program is designed to guide the student in his/her journey towards the development of personal qualities: Independence; Engagement; Professional awareness; Career focus.

Eligibility Criteria

High School Graduates
  • The minimum level of acquired education should correspond with high school diploma.
  • If you graduated from International Baccalaureate Programme, the results of three graduation exams should be included in your diploma.
Russian language fluency
  • Applicant should have the Russian language proficiency level corresponding with B2 CEFR. The official certificate is not required; however, an applicant should be able to pass an entrance examination in Russian.
Applicants with entrepreneurial mindset
  • MSUBS bachelor’s program will suit you perfectly if you are initiative, open-minded, decisive, and creative.

About the Program

4 years of education Full-time program with classes held in the daytime. The school has a unique equipment supporting digital learning
2 languages Russian and English. The program is taught in Russian with a significant number of English courses added in Year 3 and 4
Individual approach Classes are held preferably in small sized groups
40+ partners Today, the school has more than 40 partner universities and international business schools in Asia, Europe, and America
MSU Diploma After the program completion the graduate is awarded with a bachelor’s degree in management
Alumni association The number of graduates is over 4000 and constantly growing. You are welcome to become a part of the business family

Structure and Content of the Program

Year 1

The first year aims to develop self-organization skill in academic and extracurricular life and shape entrepreneurial thinking that encourages creativity and self-expression.

Core courses:

  • History
  • Foreign Language
  • Life Safety
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology
  • Language of Professional Communication
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Training
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Economics for Managers (Microeconomics)
  • Statistics
  • Business Training
  • History of Russian Entrepreneurship


Elective courses:

  • Cultural Studies
  • Financial Behavior
  • Geoinformation Technologies in Business
  • Business Correspondence
  • Psychology of Management
Year 2

At this stage students start to be engaged in group projects and research about business processes. They acquire business communication skills, business planning, speaking to an audience, begin to take active part in school governance.

Core courses:

  • Statistics
  • Economics for Managers (Macroeconomics)
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior
  • Accounting
  • Language of Professional Communication
  • Language of Business Communication
  • Foreign Language
  • Institutional Economics
  • Physical Training
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Visual Communications
  • Russian Entrepreneurship
  • Business Training
  • Political Science
  • Jurisprudence


Elective courses:

  • Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships
  • Fundamentals of the Monetary System
  • Time Management
  • Communicative Competencies in Management
  • Ethics of Business Communication
  • Data Analysis in Business
  • Government and Business
  • Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
Year 3

Students are offered with primarily professional focused disciplines covering various areas of business and actively learn from business representatives. Year 3 results in the course paper and company internship.

Core courses:

  • Philosophy
  • Fundamentals of Marketing Research
  • Foreign Language
  • Inter-Faculty Courses*
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Internship in a Company
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Industrial Economy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Business Modelling
  • Russian Language and Rhetoric
  • Branding
  • Entrepreneurship


Elective courses:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Internet Marketing
  • Regional Economy
  • Marketing Communications
  • Neuroleadership
  • Legal Frameworks of Doing Business
  • Behavioral Economics in Marketing and Business
  • Global Limits of Economic Growth



* a semester course available to all students of Moscow University and taught by MSU leading professors from other departments.

Year 4

50% of courses are taught in English by foreign and Russian professors. A student can customize his/her educational needs by choosing from a wide list of elective courses. Career days, workshops and presentations from partner companies support student’s career orientation.

Core courses:

  • Methodology of Empirical Research
  • Information Technology in Management
  • Russian Language and Rhetoric
  • Career Management
  • Pre-graduate practice
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Evaluation of Business


Elective courses:

  • Management Accounting
  • Banks and Banking Business
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Green Economy
  • Leadership
  • Agile Software Development
  • Green Economy
  • Investment Decisions
  • Software Product Development
  • Conflict Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Strategy and Current Trends in Management
  • Taxation
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Marketing


Final paper submission and presentation

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Admission Process

Before application Till 10th June

All school and college diplomas obtained outside of the Russian Federation should be validated or “recognized”.

To receive recognition certificate of documents, a foreign applicant must register on the MSU online platform and attach scanned copies of passport and the document of obtained level of education with the transcript of records.

The documents must be translated into Russian and notarized.

Depending on the country issuing the diploma an apostille or a consular legalization can be required. For more detailed information, please, contact the International office.

Application and documents’ submission June 15 – July 10, 2023

Where to submit documents:

Foreign applicants can submit documents online by registering and filling out a questionnaire on the University portal at the link:

Webanketa MSU

List of required documents:

  • The application form (to be filled in on the University’s online platform)
  • A copy of your passport or a copy of your identity card (depending on which document you plan to use to cross the border of the Russian Federation) + notarized translation into Russian (if needed)
  • A copy of the hight school diploma and a copy of the transcript* + notarized translation into Russian (if needed) + apostille
  • Personal photo (3×4 cm format)


*Apostille or consular legalization (if needed)

Entrance exams July 11 – July 25, 2023

Exams for foreign applicants will be held remotely (online).

The exam contains two parts: oral and written, as it involves a written task and an oral discussion with the examiner.

The program of the entrance test in Mathematics

The program of the entrance test in the Russian language

If a foreign applicant has the results of the Unified State Exam (ЕГЭ) in any of the above subjects, he/she can submit them instead of passing the entrance exam.

Ranking list July 27, 2023

The lists of applicants who have successfully passed the entrance tests are published on the school website. Applicants are ranked there according to the scores gained.

The lists are updated daily on the website of the Central Admissions Committee of the University (according to the consents for enrollment submitted by applicants).

Find your position in the ranking list and contact the admissions committee to clarify your situation.

Admission to the program July 27 — August 03, 2023

Applicants who have successfully passed the entrance exams and provided consent for enrollment are allowed to sign contracts for education.

The deadline to submit the enrollment consent is August 3 (6 pm Moscow time).

Enrollment is possible after signing a contract and payment for the first academic semester.

Visa and medical insurance

Foreign citizens arriving to study at Moscow State University are recommended to purchase a voluntary health insurance.


The list of insurance companies accredited to work with MSU:

Foreign applicants who need a visa should contact the Admission Committee at or the International Office

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Does MSUBS have any state-funded places?
No, there are no state-funded places at MSUBS.
Does MSUBS provide foreign students with any scholarship?
There is no scholarship provided by MSUBS itself. However, we accept scholarship from another organizations.
I want to live in a dormitory. Does MSUBS have dormitories? How can I apply?
MSUBS dormitory is situated in the Main Building.
To apply for a room an applicant has to contact the Admission Committee at or the International Office Exchange Coordinator at
How do I know that I am eligible to be enrolled in the program?
The minimum score to be admitted to the program is updated annually. Based on the competition situation in the last two years the score for two entrance exams should be 120 out of 200.
If pass exams successfully and can be enroll the Admission Committee will contact you via e-mail.
How and when should I pay for the first semester?
You will be provided with bank details to make the transfer.
If it is impossible to make the transaction from your home country, we highly recommend coming to Russia at least 1 week before the start of the semester and pay on the spot.
Can anybody help me to adjust to the new environment?
There is a developed Buddy system at MSUBS. You can apply for Buddy help by contacting the head of Students’ International Committee
And what is the academic calendar?
Fall semester: September 1 – January 25
Spring semester: February 7 – June 30
What will my schedule look like?
Classes are held in the daytime from 9 am till 4pm. Normally you have 2-3 classes per day.
How much should I pay for the program?
Tuition fees – 285 000 rubles per semester

Dormitory fees – aprox. 14 000 rubles per month

Living cost – 20 000 – 25 000 rubles per month (it is minimum spending. The real cost is highly dependent on your demands)

Question form

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    Admission International Office +7 (495) 939 21 03