MSUBS sophomores: Experiencing art to learn and grow


On Thursday, November 18, MSUBS sophomore students visited ARTLIFE FEST 2023, the 6th international interactive festival of contemporary art at Manezh exhibition hall at the very heart of Moscow. The visit was a field trip within the ESL curriculum, since the theme of the festival, Touching the Soul, coincided with many topics of ESL discussions this semester.

The students were given a tour in English, followed by in-depth discussion of specific works and aritists. The exhibition was truly interactive, as many paintings were accompanied by augmented reality, various objects, and even specially designed aromas. At the end of the week, a reflection session took place and students discussed the works that spoke to them or served as metaphors for their understanding of themselves, their relationships, and the world.

The students had very deep insights into the meanings of various works, giving their interpretations that included the themes of sincerity, intimacy, vulnerability, and inner strength.