Lomonosov MSU Business School Management & Entrepreneurship Conference “Lomonosov-2024”

Theme: Business and Business Schools in the Context of Regionalisation of Global Markets Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School invites scholars, doctoral students, and practitioners to join LMSUBS for the Annual Management & Entrepreneurship Conference 2024 on April 3, 2024

Submission Deadline: March 22, 2024

Venue: 1-52, Leninskiye Gory, Moscow, Russia; Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

Mode: Hybrid with both in-person and online paper presentation
About Economic and geopolitical changes such as the transformation in world trade geography and logistics chains, structural changes in markets and a decrease in humanitarian international cooperation are shaping new landscape for business to operate in. Which strategies to adopt in the face of uncertainty? What opportunities can business schools seize in exploring new educational markets? Which teaching methodology will ensure the ability of new graduates to meet challenges of today?
The following topics are highly encouraged: -Current Issues of Management Development and Management Education;
-New Business Models in the Context of Regionalization in Global Markets;
-Business Schools Strategies in the Context of the Regionalization of Global Markets;
-Strategies for Companies’ Internationalization in the Context of Regionalization of Global Markets;

-Entrepreneurship in Russia under the New Markets Development;
-Entrepreneurship Development around the World;
-Leadership Qualities of an Entrepreneur;
-Marketing in the Era of Business Digitalization and Consumer Markets’ Changes;

-International Marketing;
-Business Strategies in the Context of Geopolitical and Social Upheavals;
-ESG-principles of Companies in Modern Conditions;
-Bringing Sustainability Principles to the Curriculum;

-Cultural Exchange and Cooperation during the Era of Global Changes;
-Current Issues of Language Education in Business Schools;
-Language Diversity and Communication Skills in Business Education;
-Artificial Intelligence and Education.



interested in discussing current issues of management development, entrepreneurship and business education

Lecturers and postgraduate

students studying management and business education who are interested in sharing experiences and establishing new contacts with colleagues from the academic community

Representatives of Russian and international companies

interested in discussing global business and cross-cultural communications issues in the context of global changes

University staff

implementing national and international educational projects

Paper Submission Guidelines:

Registration and Application before March 22, 2024

To participate in the conference, it is necessary to submit an application on the “Lomonosov” online portal and to attach an abstract

Presentation at the Conference April 3, 2024

The conference is planned to be held in a hybrid format: participants are invited to attend in person and remotely i.e. online. Each participant should prepare a presentation for 10-15 minutes according to the previously submitted abstract.

Registration fee is waved.


Requirements for the abstracts:

Volume – 2 pages (including references)

Page size — A4, orientation — portrait

Font — Times New Roman, size — 12, line spacing — 1,0.

Page borders: top and bottom — 2,0 cm, left and right — 2,4 cm.

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To participate in the conference, it is necessary to submit an application with attached abstract
Daria Denisova MSUBS associate dean for international cooperation +7 (495) 939 21 03