Online guest lecture of Andrey Belov, Head of international communications at ERG, for students of the MSUBS Regional Economy class


Guest lectors representing key companies from various sectors of economy effectively contribute to the programme of the education course on Regional Economy, authored and mastered since 2006 by the MSUBS professor, PhD in economics Ms Evgeniya Shvets. On 29 March, 2023, bachelors of the 3rd course of MSUBS met with Mr Andrey Belov, Head of international communications at Eurasian Resources Group (Luxembourg).

The participants of the online meeting with A.Belov applied classical theories of regional development and plant location theories to modern practice, having studied both Russian and foreign case studies. Particular attention was given to the key factors of business development in the industry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the timber and the fertilizer industries.

The students were also engaged in a business game to reflect on the possible economic scenarios for Russia’s regions and the development of their cooperation with Asia, Europe and Africa.

With his background in economic and political geography, Andrey Belov is an expert in strategic and reputation management. He started his career in the MSU laboratory for regional development and later worked for the corporate strategy department of Severstal in Moscow and the economic studies committee of the World Steel Association in Brussels. He got a PhD in geography from the Moscow State University, a professional diploma in public relations from CIPR (London) and a certificate of crisis management from the IMD Business School (Lausanne).