TED Talk Competition


For freshmen students at MSUBS, every academic year ends with a public speech contest in format of TED Talks. Students go through heats in their respective groups and the best compete in the finals at the end of the semester. This year, due to unexpected circumstances, the final round took place online. However, it did not stop the finalists from delivering powerful and thought-provoking messages.


The topic for this year was rather broad, We Can Make It Happen, and the speeches ranged in content from sustainability and inclusion to personal values and priorities.


This year winners are (in order of appearance during the contest):

  • Dvoynova Valeria, Let us make education available to people with disability
  • Karpenko Angelina, Histerical strength: our hidden superpower?
  • Kosilov Vadim, Foul language is unacceptable for the future elite


  • Pisklenova Polina, Let us welcome and support people with learning disorders
  • Teryaeva Anna, So, you have a great idea: what’s next?
  • Trutneva Maria, Big dramatic changes or small steps to a better life?
  • Shmakova Svetlana, How students can improve the education system and enjoy education


The runners-up are:

  • Britik Vladimir, Sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle is real
  • Zakharyaev Enrique, How can we make our business school accessible for the disabled?


  • Kulikov Vyacheslav, Your body speaks – do you know what it is saying?
  • Pak Elizaveta, Want to be an ethical consumer? Avoid fast fashion!
  • Polikarpov Demid, How can we learn English effectively through special techniques?


All of the finalists demonstrated great command of English, creative thinking, and impressed the judges with public speaking skills. We thank all the finalists for very spectacular and inspiring performances and congratulate them on the job well done.