Sustainability week at MSU BS

In response to increasing interest among students to CRS and within its long-term policy of training students to be responsible managers MSU BS held Sustainability Week on May 16-21. Many MSU BS’s corporate partners, including L’Oreal, JLL, Hitachi, Roland Digital, Roland Music, Masterslavl, Syngenta, Charities Aid Foundation, ProfDialogue, and others, participated in the events of the week, which were held in English language.

Sustainability Week is a global project developed by MSU BS with participation of its international partners and with support of the business community. The project is aimed to unite MSU BS students, faculty, business and international academia for discussing topical issues of sustainable development, responsible management, and the role of education in training ethical and socially responsible business leaders.

One of the events of the Week was a conference covering issues of sustainable development, including that in marketing and small business, and responsible leadership. Among speakers were representatives from major European universities – MSU, Stockholm University (Sweden), Zagreb University (Croatia), RISEBA and Stradins University (Latvia). More than ten companies participated in round tables and shared their experience in using principles of sustainable development in their business. During a webinar session a representative of REGSAM non-profit organization (Germany) spoke on implementation of crucial social projects through the cooperation between government and business.

MSU BS students visited JLL, Hitachi, and Masterslavl to see the production process and to learn responsible management and sustainable development principles and the way they are integrated into the organizational structure and corporate culture of the companies.

On the first day L’Oreal, JLL, Roland Digital, Roland Music, Masterslavl, and Syngenta introduced business cases to students. On the final day students defended their projects in groups and were highly praised by the companies’ representatives for their original ideas.

Other events of the week included an essay competition on topics “Who is a responsible manager?” and “Sustainable development issues in the modern world” and a photo contest.

Sustainability Week ended by the ceremony of awarding winners in business cases competition and other contests.


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