Bachelor students study Supply Chain Management with a visiting professor from Chung-Ang University Business School

A visiting professor Yong Won Seo delivered a course “Supply Chain Management” for the 4th year bachelor students at MSU BS. The specific feature of this particular course was a unique combination of in-class work and distance learning (via a webinar-platform).

During the course students have learned various aspects of supply chain launching and functioning, its impact on organizational processes, and its specifics in local and global markets. The course attracted students’ interest as they could study practical experience of companies working in the area of supply chain management and got practical recommendations.

Dr. Yong Won Seo is Associate Professor at Chung-Ang University Business School (Seoul, Korea) who specializes in operations management and supply chain management. He is a member of several research organisations of South Korea (Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, Korean Production & Operations Management Society, Korean Society of Supply Chain Management). Besides academic and research activity, Dr. Seo is engaged in consulting various governmental institutions.

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