MSU BS presented its international programmes in Berlin

MSU BS presented its Semester Abroad programme (for Bachelor and Master students) and the educational tour Doing Business in Russia (for student groups) to German secondary school graduates, students and representatives of foreign universities at the Study World exhibition.
The Study World exhibition was held in Berlin for the eighth time this year. Among the participators of the exhibition were 157 universities, academies, business schools, educational and cultural centres from 28 countries.

Study World exhibition is becoming more and more popular from year to year: the number of this year visitors reached more than 8 000 people. The key target audience of the exhibition are German secondary school students and graduates, German and foreign students who come there from all parts of Germany. They look for a university to enrol to or for opportunities of spending a semester abroad, or, alternatively, for an internship in a foreign company.

Within the exhibition MSU BS made Bachelor and Master students aware of its programmes focusing their attention on the opportunity to spend a semester abroad (which is almost a must in foreign universities and business schools) studying together with Russian students in MSU BS (it should be reminded here, that the most part of MSU BS classes is held in English). 

Anna Vinnik, the lead expert of MSU BS on international projects, made a presentation on the topic “Doing Business in Russia: from theory to practice in one semester”. The presentation covered the benefits of spending a semester in Russia at MSU BS focusing on the unique “Business Practice” course that provides foreign students with an excellent opportunity to combine study with work taking an internship in a leading international or Russian company in Moscow and acquiring invaluable professional experience and skills working in a Russian team.

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