Lomonosov MSU BS presents the new issue of its academic journal

Lomonosov MSU BS has recently presented the new issue of its regular academic journal, Bulletin of the Moscow State University, Series.24. Management. The issue features articles of the School’s students and alumni developed in cooperation and under supervision of their scientific advisers as well as national and international experts who shared their views and experiences on different issues concerning business administration and management. The issue covers such topics as art-market investments, knowledge management issues, market entering strategies for international companies in Russia, strategic alliances, company competitiveness, corporate social responsibility and some aspects of management at Japanese companies.
About the journal
Bulletin of the Moscow State University, Series.24. Management (Russian: “Vestnik of the Moscow University.Series.24.Management”, ISSN 0201-7385, ISSN 2075-5996) is an academic journal for business scholars and practitioners, established in 2008 by the Moscow State University at the initiative of the Lomonosov MSU BS.
The journal is open to discussion and critical consideration of the different aspects of management theory and practice, and welcomes contributions from the authors representing various branches of the social sciences, such as business studies, economics, sociology and psychology, as well as business practitioners from all around the world.
For the detailed information about the journal, please visit http://en.mgubs.ru/?sc=332

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