From September 3 to November 10 professor of King's University Ken Bowlby holds classes of "Marketing" and "Organizational Behavior".
Ken Bowlby teaches at King's University College, specializing in Marketing and Organizational Behavior. His research and writing have been widely published internationally, and he has received critical acclaim for his work in specialized management education programs, in one instance sharing a national award for program excellence. From 2006 to 2011 Ken also served Kings in the role of Director, International Program Development.

Ken has collectively lived and worked in China for almost three years, both as a business professor and in serving his consulting clients. His consulting firm, East-West Partners Inc, was established in 2004 to assist western organizations with their China initiatives.

Ken has been active in community and international service for many years:
  • With Rotary International he was responsible for developing three unique charitable programs: the annual Day of Giving, Wheelchairs for the World and a Golf for Kids fundraiser. He chaired the committee that brought the Rotary Rink to Londons Covent Garden Market, and more recently joined in a Rotary Club
  • initiative to ensure Honduran market children could attend school.
  • As a Big Brothers Board member Ken developed both the Million Dollar Golf Swing and Banks Bowl for Big Brothers fundraising initiatives.
In China Ken organized a Sichuan China Relief effort after the Sichuan earthquake, raising funds from friends and colleagues back home. That initiative led to building and supplying new libraries at four China schools. He also has served on the Boards of Directors for Kings (as a faculty representative), the London Convention Centre, and Londons Covent Garden Market, where he served as Board Chairman.


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