Summer Internship of the MBA students in Japan

From 21 to 30 July was a traditional summer internship students and alumni MBA LMSU BS in Japan.

The students studied the experience of doing business in Japan: they met representatives of different Japanese companies, participated in the learning process, and generally immerse themselves in the unique culture of the country where the traditional and the modern coexist.

The internship was going to be eventful and interesting from the very beginning: among hosts event — visiting factories Subaru Suntory, familiarity with the activities of such a large trading house in Japan as Itochu, where, during the business lunch participants had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics with managers.

Held and familiarity with the experience of Japanese small businesses: the participants were on probation tea factory, visited industrial plants and factory props. One of the unique features of the visit — observation of Tokyo Stock Exchange, the largest stock area in Japan and one of the world’s financial centers. Respect for nature and the environment has been a great part of the Japanese mentality. And this was what the MBA students observed during their visit to the Center of Clean Energy. Finally, internship students and alumni attended the Graduate School of International Management Aoyama Gakuin University, lectures on modern trends in management and marketing features of Japan.

Of course, the important component of the program was acquainted with Japanese culture. Students visited the ancient capital — Kyoto, admire the beautiful temples and gardens, to join the world of tradition in «rekane» — a traditional Japanese inn. One of the highlights in this series was the ascent to the sacred Mount Fuji — a truly difficult but worthwhile experience!

We express our deep appreciation to our valued partners, with the help and support of organized training — School of Business, University of Aoyama Gakuin and ENInternational.

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