On June 30 graduation ceremonies for undergraduate and graduate programmes took place

65 graduates  from the Master in International Business and 47 from the Bachelor of management programme received diplomas.
First diplomas were awarded to those students who performed the best results during the whole study period.\

Graduate programme:
Dudorov Denis (GPA 4.9);
Gogokhiya Ekaterina (GPA 4.85) - a graduate from the double-degree programme joint with the University of St. Andrews;
Shestakov Georgiy (GPA 4.85).

Undergraduate programme:
Mishenina Daria (GPA 4.9)
Vzorov Vadim (GPA 4, 86)
Ogibenina Olga (GPA 4.8)

Since 2010 Lomonosov MSU BS implements a unique educational programme in the field of commercial real estate management which was developed together with a global leader in commercial real estate management - Jones Lang LaSalle company for the Master students. The representative of the company deputy HR director Limitovskaya Natalia awarded certificates to the first 15 graduates who completed the  programme. Moreover, the best students of the Commercial Real Estate Management programme Daria Borisova will have an internship at the London office of Jones Lang LaSalle.  

Every year MSU BS choose the best final paper between its students. This year the final papers of the follwing students were recognized as the best: Roman Gumilev (MA), Denis Dudorov (MA), Boris Krasnenkov (MA), Anastasia Melnikova (BA).

The MSU BS golden badge, a special sign of distinction with a unique number, which is awarded from 2004 to the people who have made significant contributions to the MSU BS development and to the graduates, who showed the best results in their studies and research work. This year  the MSU BS golden badge  was awarded to the Master programme graduate Dudorov Denis and to the  Associate Dean of LMSU BS Gryaznova Anna. Denis Dudorov showed the highest results and was one of the top three most successful students in cohort  (average score 4.9). His final paper was named the best.  Anna Gryaznova was awarded the golden badge to make a special mention of her contribution to the development of academic programmes and international projects of  Lomonosov MSU BS. Under her management the school has significately developed the international part of its programme: classes are delivered in English and Russian; the school receives visiting professors from the world leading universities; students participate in exchange programmes with partner universities and the leading business schools in Europe, Asia and America. One of the most remarkable achievements of MSU BS concerning its undergraduate programme is is awarding of the prestigious international accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development EPAS in February 2011.

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