Lomonosov MSU BS is now in the ranks of the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA)
Development Association (BMDA), joining the international structure, including more than 60 educational and business organizations from 21 countries.

BMDA (Baltic Management Development Association) in the next year will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Back in 2002 it initiated the creation of a number of universities and business schools, as well as teachers and business representatives from the Baltic countries involved in development management.

The motto of the Association: «Building bridges» between East and West. "Following him, BMDA directs all its activities to create a virtual bridge between the School of Management, East and West.

Its primary mission the development of BMDA sees management as a science and profession, to promote the highest professional and educational standards in the field of management, and in the formation of a correct understanding. One of the important activities of the BMDA is to develop a wide range of educational services in the field of management, as well as the development of modern and effective management systems for institutions and companies. Particular attention is paid BMDA Management Development in the Baltic region. It is in this region, the Association began to encourage the development of quality management, and later expanded its activities beyond its borders by encouraging international research.

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