From Idea to Opportunity" seminar will be held in Lomonosov MSU BS on September, 14

Bonnie Hacking is passionate about people and loves working with entrepreneurs — encouraging them to explore themselves and their ideas. As Enterprise Adviser at the University of St. Andrews, she inspires and motivates students and graduates to start their own ventures. She provides skills training, coaching and encouragement to help turn good ideas into great ventures.  She’s worked with entrepreneurs who’ve built children’s homes in India, sell bicycles online, provide temporary summer storage for students, manufacture food items and a whole variety of web based ventures.  She also teaches Enterprise & Creativity’ in the School of Management.

She’s been working with young entrepreneurs throughout her working life, as a voluntary Business Adviser to high school students taking part in the Young Enterprise Scheme, where they set-up and run their own company during the school year.  In her day job, she’s been Leadership Development Officer for Oxfordshire County Council — responsible for the training and development of 2,500 managers.  She was also People Programmes Manager for the Unipart Group of Companies, an automotive wholesale, distribution and manufacturing company.  At Unipart, she used her own entrepreneurial skills to develop and run programmes which enabled employees to make improvements to the way things were done in their own working environment — delivering significant cost savings to the company and improved processes, morale and many other benefits to the employees involved.

She is interested in meeting new people from all backgrounds and cultures and exploring together how enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship can better the world we live in and enable individuals to realise their dreams.


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