MSUBS professor, Ms. Evgenia A. Shvets, is among the winners of MSU International Development Competition




The results of the Competition in the field of internationalization and development of international relations at MSU have been published. Ms. Evgenia A. Shvets, a MSUBS professor, was among the winners of the competition in the nomination «Educational events that promote internationalization and international experience for students, scientific, pedagogical and managerial workers».

The EDGE educational project, conducted by E.A. Shvets with the University of Pennsylvania (USA), was proposed to the competition as part of the course “Global Limits of Economic Growth». The project provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to gain necessary experience to work in international teams.

The competition is held to encourage MSU employees to contribute to strengthening the international reputation of MSU. All winners’ projects will be used for solving the tasks of the MSU Development Program in the field of internationalization.