The first stage of EDGE project, conducted by MSUBS and the University of Pennsylvania (USA), is over



On November 18, an online conference between the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and the Moscow State University Business School took place. Russian and American students made video presentations on the results of the first part of the EDGE (Experiential Digital Global Engagement) project. The students talked about their experience working in international teams, sharing the most successful aspects of the project, and analyzing the difficulties.

The work of MSUBS students in the EDGE format is a part of the curriculum. The project is embedded in the author’s course of the MSUBS teacher MS. Evgenia A. Shvets “Global Limits of Economic Growth” and involves students’ collaborations on projects united by the themes of sustainable development and eco-friendly consumption.

In addition to theoretical classroom part of the project, students should proceed with practical steps to solve environmental and management problems on campus or at a company. Thus, MSUBS students are working on projects on waste recycling for cafes in the Botanical Garden of MSU; «green» certification of the building of the Business School etc. The results of the practical work will be summed up in December.

For most of the students, joint online work in an international team became the first serious experience of intercultural communication and gave the opportunity to perform the role of a manager in an international company.


*EDGE (Experimental Digital Learning Engagement) is a type of COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) programs widely used in world educational practice. It’s built on the principle of student exchange without leaving the campus. The interaction of students from different countries takes place remotely, and the scale of such format is determined by the objectives of the training course and can vary from the performance of a single joint task to the joint teaching of entire disciplines.