MSUBS Students Bring the War Through the Eyes of a Child Programme to Czech Republic

MSUBS Students Bring the War Through the Eyes of a Child Programme to Czech Republic

For Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School, developing the personal qualities that are crucial for effective work in different environments and cultural contexts is a high priority. However, MSUBS never intends to pave the road to personal growth along the beaten path. We strive to provide our students with various opportunities to reflect on values of different times and cultures in a creative way, to express their own views on any topic.

One of the by-products of this unconventional approach has been the formation of an artistic group of students who are at present in their third year of BM programme. From their first year on, they have been creating and performing an array of edutainment programmes for various audiences. The programme War Through the Eyes of a Child is an attempt to see the atrocities of war from an uncommon perspective, hearing the voices of those who lived through WWII times as a child or teenager.

In January 2018, on invitation of Rossotrudnichestvo agency, the team brought the programme to the Czech Republic and gave three performances: one at the Russian Centre of Art and Science in Prague, the other at the Cultural Centre at Stt. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Karlovy Vary, and the last one at Western Czech University in the city of Pilsen. The audience included all generations, from school children to WWII veterans, and the programme touched the hearts of all.

The consul general of Russia in Karlovy Vary, Mikhail Lednyov, referred to the programme as “a genuine, touching performance, a must-see”. Elena Filipovich, the author of the book, Through the Darkness of War We Were Dashing to Our Stars, a collection of child and teenage WWII memoirs and diaries that inspired the MSUBS student team to create this programme, visited the performances and highly commended the students. Having seen and appreciated the high quality of the project, Rossotrudnichestvo extended an invitation to the team to bring the programme to Germany on the eve of Victory Day the coming spring.

We are proud of our students and we believe that personal contemplation of history through artistic expression, combined with a real dialogue between generations and cultures is far more effective in teaching values and promoting personal growth than any lecture or book.

To watch the video about the MSUBS visit and programme by the Russian Centre of Art and Science in Prague