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IT Management

The IT Management Programme is focused on developing IT managers with strategic vision that understand principles of business administration and meets Russian and international professional qualification criteria. The programme enables students to build upon previous academic studies that might not have included a strong component in computer science, programming or system administration.

The curriculum of IT Management programme includes core courses in management including soft skills essential for a modern manager, specialisation courses in the sphere of IT management, as well as, a set of electives covering the different applied aspects of IT management. The curriculum includes an opportunity to study a semester abroad at one of MSU BS’s partner universities. A mandatory internship in an IT company or an IT department of a national or an international organisation based in Moscow or abroad is also integrated into the curriculum. The internship will provide students with the real professional experience necessary to become a successful IT manager.

In addition to the MSU degree, graduates will receive an official certificate issued by accredited professional body to prove the compliance with professional standards "Information Technology Manager".

Programme format:

Length: two years (4 semesters)

Programme language: Russian and English

Study groups up to 30 participants

Opportunity to study a semester abroad

Evening classes to be able to combine study and work

Research projects and internship in companies