Lomonosov MSUBS  holds International Autumn Business School “Entrepreneurship and Business Engineering”

Lomonosov MSUBS holds International Autumn Business School “Entrepreneurship and Business Engineering”

The International Autumn Business School “Entrepreneurship and Business Engineering” is an annual joint educational project of Lomonosov MSUBS and Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands).

Students from Russia, Croatia and the Netherlands were working online in mixed international groups during two months. Some groups were involved in developing an entry strategy for innovative Russian products SunProtein and Anima on the European market. Others were working on the Russian market entry strategy for Bluecon (the Netherlands) and Entropix (USA) companies. Companies’ top managers were all the time in touch with Autumn Business School participants via Skype sessions. The educational resources relevant to the project were provided by MSUBS and Saxion University professors via online platform: http://www.autumnbusinessschool.org  

On November 27 – December 2, 2017, Dutch and Croatian students visited MSUBS to present the results of their research. Students attended some classes and workshops at MSUBS, had a Moscow city tour and a few company visits. Students had an excursion at Skolkovo technopark, the largest technopark in Europe. Visit to Skolkovo Technopark included meetings with representatives of Motorica company (producer of innovative arm prostheses) and a master-class from Henrik Winther, president of Tigrus holding (Osteria Mario and BBQ Café restaurants). Henrik shared his experience of doing business in Russia and some business development plans.

On December 2, 2016, there was the final project defense with the international panel of judges composed of company representatives, MSUBS and Saxion university professors. They all assessed the teams’ results and gave their feedback on the projects.  

All participants considered Autumn Business School to be valuable experience for them as it gave the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and international business.  Professors also expressed their appreciation of students’ research and presentations.