Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School holds International Week

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School holds International Week

To provide its students with the best international practices in different fields MSUBS attracts visiting professors from all over the world to teach at its programmes. This year MSUBS organised an intensive International week, which took place on September 26-30. During this week MSUBS welcomed visiting professors from Germany, Netherlands, Malta, Japan, India and Latvia. MSUBS undergraduate students took a few intensive courses. 

Professor Russell Smith (Malta) delivered a Commercialisation of Intellectual Property course. Professor Kiichiro Hatoyama (Tokyo University, Japan) gave the special Transportation infrastructure management and city logistics course. Professor Guntram Kaiser (Germany) delivered a course in  Cross-cultural  Management. Another German professor Martin Kuetz (Anhalt University, Germany) delivered a course related to E-Commerce. Professor Jacques Basen (from Saxion University, Netherlands) taught a Fundamentals of entrepreneurship course. Professor A. Damodaran (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India) held a few seminars and business games for MSUBS Masters students and an open master-class – Talk at New Dimensions in Heritage Management. He addressed such issues as international organisations activities the role of digital technologies in world cultural heritage preservation.

MSUBS also held a faculty conference related to Internationalisation of management education, which undoubtedly became a highlight of the International week.  Visiting professors and MSUBS faculty members shared their experience in international educational projects implementation, teaching in different countries and multi-national student groups, principles of ethics and social responsibility, new methods in teaching. According to spectators` points of view, the conference gave the possibility for all participants to understand the variety in their approaches for students` education and get useful recommendations from colleagues.

Visiting professors had a chance to get acquaintance and communicate with MSUBS students in casual  atmosphere during the Jeopardy intellectual game held by undergraduate students. Visiting professors, as well as Bachelor and Master students including exchange students from France, Sweden, Singapore and other countries, split up into eight teams. Despite the keen fight between all teams in two rounds of the game, visiting professors team called Sleeping Beauty managed to come out on top of the contest.   

During the International week MSUBS students gained new knowledge and a truly international experience, could feel and immerse into the cross-cultural atmosphere. MSUBS expresses heartful gratitude to professors who took part in the International week and hope for further cooperation.