LMSUBS teachers take part in the IX International Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna

LMSUBS teachers take part in the IX International Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna

The Peter Drucker Forum is held annually by the Peter Drucker Society since 2009 in the homeland of the famous scientist, in Vienna (Austria). The Forum covered trends in the development of management and organizations, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The 9th forum, called Growth & Inclusive Prosperity, was dedicated to the challenges of modern economic growth and the opportunities for improving living standards of different society sectors. A dynamic economy, based on the spirit of entrepreneurship and technological progress, provides opportunities to improve the life quality on different continents. But is this enough for the prosperity of society? Globalization, accelerating technological progress and the need to increase efficiency create new challenges for business and society as a whole. What will be the factor of organizations' success in the future? How to discover the entrepreneurial and innovative potential in the society? What kind of environment is necessary for business growth? These and other issues have become the subject of lively discussions among the forum participants.

The Peter Draker forum traditionally unites theorists and practitioners of management, representatives of the academic environment and the business community. Annually representatives of the famous thinkers50 list (a list of the most influential modern thinkers in the field of management) take part in the forum. So, this year Alexander Osterwalder, Roger Martin, Anil Gupta, Rita McGrath and other world-famous thinkers in the field of management have performed at the forum. In addition, representatives and top managers of such companies as Prudential Financial, Robert Bosch, E & Y, Raiffeisen Bank, etc., also participated in the Forum.

The Forum-2017 brought together more than 400 participants from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.