International Festival and Fair at LMSUBS

International Festival and Fair at LMSUBS

On November 11, 2018, MSUBS hosted its traditional annual International Festival and Fair. Seven teams represented various regions: Tatarstan, Volga Region, Belarus, Armenia, Greece, Israel, and China. Each team prepared a creative presentation and samples of traditional food.

The audience had a unique chance to travel around the globe in one day and learn about the traditions and flavours of different places thanks to all the colourful costumes, dances and songs, aromas and spices.

All teams did their best in representing their home regions but the undisputed champion was Armenia, winning both the presentation and the culinary contest. They made a video of a traditional Armenian wedding, presented a traditional dance and rounded their show by presenting a pomegranate tree, a symbol of Armenia, to MSUBS. The team of China, whose presentation included acrobatics, dance, and even a live translation from Chinese, took the second prize. The third in presentation was the team of Israel that impressed the audience with sparkling Jewish humour.

As for the cuisine contest, the second and third places went to the teams of Tatarstan and Volga Region respectively. They impressed the audience with traditional homemade recipes.

The focus of the event, however, was not on competition but on celebrating the diversity and creativity of MSUBS student community.  Thanks to the effort of each team member, the International Festival and Fair 2018 turned into a spectacular event.