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Asked what impresses them most about the Lomonosov MSU BS, the students often say it’s the way Lomonosov MSU BS teaches.

Lomonosov MSU BS’s teaching philosophy

In the Russian environment, Lomonosov MSU BS pioneered in the utilization of the case study method. The core curriculum of each Lomonosov MSU BS program includes cases based on Russian and international experience. Lomonosov MSU BS faculty develop and refine their teaching and presentation techniques by participating in regularly scheduled faculty workshops.

Cases confront students with complex decision-making situations, based on current business issues. Thoughtful case analysis and discussion allows students to formulate strategies that apply to their own business environment, especially as they participate in small teams that aggregate their collective functional, industrial and international experience. Teamwork provides individual participants with insight into each individual’s strength and weakness while interacting with others and, thereby, contributes to inter-personal skill development. The final presentation of results of both individual and team efforts facilitates the development of essential communication skills.

Students work on their group projects assignments during their free time. Presentation of group projects is an experience in itself. The results can be presented as a remake of a sensational blockbuster movie or as a standard business presentation. Students compete in both their creativeness to attract audience’s attention and to demonstrate the results of their work.

Linkages between the corporate world and Lomonosov MSU BS operate on several levels. Top executives from Russian and international companies lecture at the school and interact with MBA students at the Meet with Leaders seminar. Undergraduates are introduced to actual business situations by participating in Business Practice course. Distance learning tools are actively used in Lomonosov MSU BS Executive MBA and MBA in Operations Management programs. Audio and video materials are regularly employed. Lomonosov MSU BS has a large database of teaching videos.

This game is one of the most useful courses of the program. It allowed us to consolidate all knowledge of the 1st year. The game clearly demonstrated that the most inportant thing is the team. Finally we learnt that success depends on how well you can predict competitors' activities and how quick you are at adapting your strategy to the changing environement.
Evgeny Vigovsky, MBA 019,
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MSUBS faculty member participates in III Asian European Business Innovation Congress
Dr. Marina Markova presented a report “Modern trends in cooperation of higher education institutions and recruiters in the context of globalization” at the III Asian European Business Innovation Congress held at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, one of the ten UN sustainable development centers, on April 21-22, 2016.

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