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MSUBS’ adherence to Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability values and principles

At MSUBS, the principles of ethics, sustainability, and responsibility are at the core of our mission, curriculum, and everyday life. MSUBS is an advanced signatory of PRME and is doing its best to implement the principles of responsible management education into all of its activities.

Striving to educate sustainable leaders who think ethically and act responsibly, the school provides a series of courses throughout its BM programme that focus on ERS agenda, from History of Entrepreneurship in Russia in the first year and Social and Value Aspects of Doing Business during the second year to Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility courses during the third year, to name a few. The students learn the issues of responsibility and sustainability both from the local and from the global perspective, study the principles of Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals, and reflect on the ERS values through discussions and presentations.

Through a series of master classes and internships, we strive to immerse students in business reality of today, familiarising them with challenges and best practices in Russia and abroad that demonstrate the crucial importance and viability of ERS principles. Thus, by combining theory and practice, MSUBS students are more competitive on a market that is in need of ERS-mindful managers.

By opening volunteering possibilities to students from year one and up until the point of graduation, we familiarise the students with the work of various NGOs and social projects, provide hands-on experience that allows the students to test their own values and principles. One of the focuses of volunteering projects at MSUBS is shared learning where faculty and students work alongside as volunteers.

We are proud of our student initiatives that strive to make a difference in this world, from participating in a project of 3D books for vision impaired children to organising a fundraising event to benefit a child with disabilities. We encourage our students to tackle the social problems and challenges around them and are ready to provide expertise and connections to turn their social projects into reality.

MSUBS documents related to Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability

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