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Lomonosov MSU BS maintains partnerships with Russian and international companies situated in Russia. This gives students of the Bachelor and Master programmes a unique opportunity to practice in real business world during the study process.

Within the “Practice of Business” course in terms of Bachelor of Management programme students ofrom 1st till 3rd studying year take internships in companies. The main purposes of the internships are to provide students with opportunities to observe internal life of business world, to try their professional abilities and to define paths to their future career development.

Since 2008  more than 70 companies (Russian and international) have hosted our Bachelor programme students for internship.

Students' comments on the “Practice of Business” course:

"The “Practice of Business” course is, for me, a great field to put the theoretical material we’re being taught at Lomonosov MU BS, to practice. It gives me an opportunity to evaluate my performance in order to understand which of my skills need more work. Working in a real company as a legitimate employee, I’ve come to better understand responsibility, business culture, teamwork, interaction with clients."
Nataliya Melnik, Bachelor graduate of 2009.

“The course allows us to gain experience through internship in various companies and work in different markets and spheres of business. My internship for the Simens company in 2008 has allowed me to understand the real business world. The opportunity of working in large, successful companies like Simens is a chance to gain priceless experience that is crucial for our future success.”
Ashar Burak, Bachelor graduate of 2009.

"The internship brought along several lessons and personal development. Firstly, I learned very well how to work with a partner. This was crucial for thinking outside the box and seeing things from various perspectives. Secondly, I was able to get an insight into not only a Human Resources Department, but more into an internal “human management” department, as the Training & Development Department can also be described. Thirdly, I really developed my communication skills. By conducting many interviews and seeing the company more as an outside consultant, I was able to not only intensify my way of communication, but also communicate from a different position or point of view than someone who is very familiar with the company and works there for a long time. Lastly, even if the company was originally from Germany, it was important for me to see how business in Russia is done.
I believe that I got a broader and more international view on business matters and was glad to have gotten the chance to participate in such an interesting and meaningful project."

Olivia Hornung, exchange student, 2010


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MSU BS Master programme awarded with international ABEST21 accreditation
On March 3, 2016, at the annual conference of the Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st century organisation (ABEST21), which took place at Sony University in Tokyo, President Fumio Itoh granted the Master programme accreditation certificate to Dean Professor Dr. Oleg S. Vikhanskiy.

Lomonosov MSU BS is named again one of the Top 100 business schools in the world
In 2015 Lomonosov MSU BS entered again the Top 100 business schools in the world and confirmed its status of the UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL having received the EdUniversal “5 palmes” award.

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