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Student visas are issued to foreigners arriving in Russia with the purpose of education on the basis of an official letter of invitation from an educational institution;
To get an official letter of invitation from Lomonosov MSUBS you have to  fill out carefully the respective part of the Application form you will be sending to Lomonosov MU BS's International  Office.
Please keep in mind that the Official Letters of Invitation are issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Russian Federation and they take up to 50 days to issue such a letter. It therefore strongly recommended to respect the deadlines!
To fill out the form correctly you will need
1.  to have your international passport (national ID cards information will not do) valid at least 18 months after your scheduled arrival to Russia to consult;
2. to know the exact (official) name of your home educational institution and its correct postal address;
3. to decide where (which country and which city) you will be obtaining your visa in (to do so you will need to check on the list of  Russian Consulates, pick the one closest to you and mention the city it is located in in your Application form).
Students visas are single-entry with their validity up to three months but they can be later extended by Federal Executive Board of Ministry of Domestic Affairs converting them into multiple-entry, valid for one year. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to reenter Russia with the single-entry visa. Multiple entries are only possible after you get your multiple-entry visa.
To get a visa
you should contact a Russian Consulate in your country. The Consulate has either a web-site or a Call Centre that will provide you with the updated information on the documents needed to get a visa.
A normal list is:
      1. Passport- valid for at least 18 months after the expected arrival;
      2. Photograph 3x4 cm (attached to the visa form);
      3. Visa Application Form properly filled and signed (can be obtained at the Consulate or on its website);
      4. In some cases, according to the international agreements, Russian Consulate abroad may request from citizens of some countries proof of medical insurance, issued  by the company in a mutual agreement with a Russian partner about providing insurance services for the whole period of stay of the foreign citizen on the territory of the RF;
      5. An official letter of invitation from Lomonosov MU BS issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Attention. Russia requires submission of an appropriate HIV-negative certificate at the time of applying for a visa in case of an intended stay of 3 months or longer in addition to the above-mentioned documents.
The issue of a visa at the Consulate normally takes 10 working days.
A foreign citizen entering Russia must register during the first three days upon arrival. The registration for student visas can be provided by MSU.
For the registration, foreign citizens should provide:
  1. the original of the identification document (passport);
  2. the original of the migration card with the Russian border control entry stamp;
  3. validated at the local housing authority (DEZ), letter from the landlord of the apartment you are staying in, in which he/she allows you to be temporarily registered at his/her address (in case you are staying in an apartment).
Not following the registration requirements is considered an administrative violation of the laws on the RF and in case of repeated violation can be penalized by the entry denial for 5 years.

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