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Information for exchange students and free movers

Students coming on the basis of bilateral exchange agreements are classified as exchange students and do not have to pay tuition fee at Lomonosov MSUBS.

In case there is no interinstitutional agreement between Lomonosov MSU Business School and your university you could still spend a semester or a year as an exchange student at Lomonosov MSUBS. You will be classified as a free mover and will have to pay tuition fee where 1 ECTS costs 8500 RUR.

Please consult the list of partner institutions and contact your International Office for details.

Semester dates (approx.)

Fall Semester: 01 September – 24 January

Spring Semester: 07 February – 30 June
Course Selection

There are Bachelor and Master level courses in English offered.

Courses taught in Russian are also available for those who speak Russian on the advanced level.

Master level courses are available for Master level students only.

To select courses address:

BA curriculum

MIB curriculum

Language requirements

Advanced knowledge of English is a must.

A course of the Russian language (beginners and advanced levels) is available for the incoming exchange students (60 contact hours (5 ECTS).
Application Requirements

The following information should be sent to Veronika Knysh by email: 

·       The nomination list by home institution or a confirmation from the home university that you are a student for those who come as free movers 

·       Application (with the documents mentioned in it) by the nominated student   

Download the Application form

·      Tuition fees (for free movers only)


Exchange students
Students coming on the basis of bilateral exchange agreements do not have to pay tuition fee at Lomonosov MSU BS.

Free movers
In case there is no interinstitutional agreements the cost of the exchange programme will be calculated  on the per-course-basis where 1 ECTS
costs 8500 RUR. The ECTS workload of the course could be found in the BA and MIB curriculum (see Course selection section)

Application Deadlines

Spring Semester: April, 30
Fall Semester: October, 31
Academic year: April, 30

Visa Requirements

All foreign students are required to obtain a student visa.
Visa process: nominated incoming foreign students receive an MSU invitation and apply for a visa at the Russian Embassy/Consulate stated in the application.
More visa information

Accomodation and Living Costs

Lomonosov MU BS offers a room in the dormitory (situated in MSU Main Building, 5 minutes walk from the School) garanteed for the students coming in terms of the partnership agreements. The School assists its free movers in accommodation search in Moscow. 
Approximate living costs (including
dormitory room rental and medical insurance): about 37 000 RUR per month.
For more information
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Contact person

Ms Darya Denisova

+ 7 (495) 939 21 03
Email: denisova@mgubs.ru


International Office

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Business School
1-52 Leninskie Gory GSP-1 MGU

Moscow 119234 Russia

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