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Overview of the Bulletin

Bulletin of the Moscow State University, Series.24.Management (Russian: “Vestnik of the  Moscow University.Series.24.Management”, ISSN 0201-7385, ISSN 2075-5996) is an academic journal for business scholars and practitioners, established in 2008 by the Moscow State University at the initiative of the Lomonosov MSU BS.

The mission of the journal is to promote development of the new management concepts and perspectives on the basis of business and management practice. 

The journal welcomes novel and insightful submissions which contribute to the development of the conceptual and practical issues in management and invite the reader to consider multiple perspectives of the business, management and organizations and their roles in the society.

The journal is open to discussion and critical consideration of the different aspects of management theory and practice, and welcomes contributions from the authors representing various branches of the social sciences, such as business studies, economics, sociology and psychology, as well as business practitioners.

The journal is published quarterly.

Editor-in-Chief: Professor  Oleg  S. Vikhanskiy ,  Dean,  Lomonosov MSU Business School.


Information for contributors

The journal invites authors to submit original papers addressing different aspects of contemporary management theory and practice. Papers may have conceptual or practical kind of focus. Depending on the focus papers can be assigned to one of the following journal sections.

Management paradigm. The articles published in this section are primarily aimed at the academic community. They should be based on the original research grounded in the existent theory and literature and introducing innovative ideas and perspectives. The articles published in this section should contribute to the discussion of the conceptual issues in management. Provocative and polemical contributions are welcome, but the authors should pay special attention to the consistency and reasoning behind their argumentation. The articles published in this section can be presented in different formats – theoretical syntheses, conceptual models, discussion of methodological issues, historical reviews with implications for current and future theory, and literature reviews with conceptual implications.

Management today. The articles published in this section are aimed primarily at the members of the business community who are willing to think and act in a way that promotes innovative business practices for the benefit for their organizations and the society. The articles in this section should aim to advance the understanding of business and management practice, not theory, and therefore do not need to have a solid theoretical foundation. The contributions to this section may include case studies, qualitative research and analysis of the statistical data with the implications for the business practice, public policy development or broad societal issues. 

Business environment. The articles in this section should advance our understanding of the broad issues in the business environment, including macroeconomic factors. Submissions to this section can be conceptual or problem-oriented, and preferably have the implications for policy development.  

Business in action. Submissions published in this section describe the practical managerial experiences, preferably in the form of the case which can be used in the teaching process. Submissions can focus on the specific areas and episodes in the organizational life, with the focus on the problem-solving and decision-making processes, and should invite the reflections about the lessons learned.

Business education. This section publishes informative materials concerning business education programs and education methods, including curricula, syllabi, experiential exercises, tests and other teaching and education-related materials. News from the Lomonosov MSU BS and its partners are also published in this section.  


Author guidelines

All submissions should be formatted in MS Word and submitted as a single file, including tables and figures. Manuscripts should not exceed 40000 characters (equivalent to 12 pages typed single-spaced with Arial 11-pt font and one-inch margins).

Submissions should include: paper title, name of the author(s), an abstract containing a maximum of 500 words, and up to seven keywords or brief phrases.

References should be listed in alphabetical order. Each listed reference should be cited in text, and each text citation should be listed in the References section. Citations to references should be designated throughout the text by enclosing the author’s names and the year of the publication in parentheses.

Tables and figures should have titles and should be numbered consequently (separate set of numbers for tables and figures). Tables and figures should be used only to supplement and clarify the text if necessary.

Text structure should be clear and logical, with headings provided for the main sections of the article.

Information about the authors should be provided after the references and appendices (if any). For each author, it should include the following information: Full name, form of address, academic title, affiliation, address (including postal code), telephone and fax numbers, e-mail.

Please note that the language for all publications is Russian. If the authors wish to translate their submissions they may do it themselves or apply to the editors (e-mail: vestnik.24.mgt@mgubs.ru) for the help with translation from English into Russian.

Authors bear all responsibility to resolve any copyright issues prior to the publication, including obtaining necessary permissions to reproduce any copyrighted work in their submissions.

All submissions are first reviewed by the Editorial Board. If the submission meets the thematic requirements, it is sent out for peer review.


Please direct inquiries and submissions to the following address:


Moscow State University

Lomonosov MSU BS

1-52 Leninskie Gory
Moscow 119992 Russia

Tel: +7 495 939 4177 (ext. 2021), + 7 495 662 3202 (ext. 2021), +7 495 995 1135 (ext. 123)

Fax: + 7 495 662 3201


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