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Skillful utilization of computer-simulated business games allows Lomonosov MU BS students to see the interrelationship between key functional courses and deepens and strengthens a range of practical business skills.

Learning how to compete in a global business environment is a primary lesson learned in The Management Game, organized by Carnegie Mellon University. Lomonosov MU BS students compete against business school teams from US, Argentina, Chile, China, Japan, Mexico and Ukraine.
was developed by Toshiba Corporation at the request of the ABEST21 Association. This market environment simulator offers a virtual marketplace whereby virtual companies led by student teams from all over the world compete against each other in different product and regional segments. The Business Game is utilized in Strategy courses throughout the ABEST21 network.

The Financial ABEST21 Game is an interactive computer simulation, designed to mimic the goals and constraints of a real life business firm. The game pits teams of MBA students from dozens of business schools against each other in an interactive management game spanning continents and time zones. The goal of the simulation is to develop basic managerial skills by challenging participants to apply the knowledge base and skills of all major business disciplines (finance, marketing, strategy, operations, etc.) in a constantly changing cultural environment of intense rivalry.

Jointly with the Russian Trading System «Stock Exchange» Lomonosov MU BS organizes a series of practical seminars to develop practical skills for trading stock, futures and options markets. Students learn to trade by means of an electronic trading system and analyze their positions using the toolkit granted by the stock exchange.
The MBABEST21 Business Game

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Evgeny Vigovsky, MBA 019,
about The Management Game

This game is one of the most useful courses of the program. It allowed us to consolidate all knowledge of the 1st year. The game clearly demonstrated that the most inportant thing is the team. Finally we learnt that success depends on how well you can predict competitors' activities and how quick you are at adapting your strategy to the changing environement.

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