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Executive MBA
Designed for CEO, business leaders and owners of companies, members of the board of directors whose goals are to develop their businesses and participate in new professional networks.
Executive MBA program is designed not for studying separate disciplines but for shaping the overwhelming vision of how to be competitive in modern dynamic business. Homework assignments are intended to deepen knowledge of functional disciplines and to sharpen analytical skills, assuring that sessions at Lomonosov MSU BS are as efficient as possible. Step by step, students apply knowledge and skills they get at Lomonosov MSU BS to their companies. The Executive MBA program uses modern distance learning methods.
This program is composed in accordance with extensive Lomonosov MSU BS experience in different MBA module programs and has for its aim an implementation of the Lomonosov MSU BS mission, which is to encourage the establishment of competitive business environment in Russia.
Module system means:
  • 8 modules (8-9 days each)
  • One module in 2-3 months
  • One of 8 modules is held in the partner school outside Russia
EMBA students:
Study with the best Russian and foreign professors
Get strategic and systematic vision of business
Develop an ability to identify problems and to solve them
Deepen an understanding of global business and internal life of organization in their sophisticated interconnection
Study the newest conceptual approaches in economic and management disciplines
Develop communication and leadership skills

Establish new contacts and get access to the community of Lomonosov MSU BS students and graduates.
Intensive sessions at Lomonosov MSU BS’s Moscow facilities help MBA students acquire new business contacts and form professional networks that last a lifetime.

For Entrance Requirements and Application Deadlines please refer to the respective pages of our Russian website.

This program is focused on teaching modern production systems, such as, Toyota Production System, Kaizen Management System and Lean Manufacturing. The program includes two compulsory field studies at leading Russian manufacturing firms. The program is executed in cooperation with the Kaizen Institute, a leading global provider of consulting services in operations management.
This flagship program brings to Lomonosov MSU BS visiting faculty from around the world and allows students to learn the best in modern operations management.

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Sergey Merzlyakov, MBA 2005
Head of the board, SIBUR Holding

Sergey Merzlyakov, MBA 2005
GSBA MSU means competent and professional faculty that is ready to share theoretical and practical knowledge. MSU itself is a recognizable brand. MSU means excellent learning conditions, large and well occupied classrooms. It means continuous improvement in the teaching process; high selection standards and consequently important life time connections with fellow students.

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