Giving Tuesday at MSUBS

Giving Tuesday at MSUBS

This year Russia has participated in Giving Tuesday, a global charity initiative, for the third time. Lomonosov MSUBS has been active partner of Giving Tuesday all these years, organising fundraising, charity, and volunteering events to benefit various causes.

This year, Giving Tuesday at MSUBS started with a volunteering trip to the First Moscow Hospice. A team of students helped with cleaning, loading and unloading, worked at the canteen. Dilnoza Muydinova, volunteer coordinator at the First Moscow Hospice, commented: “All our staff thanks the students. They all comment on their team work, their responsible attitude – they did great!”

Soon after, a traditional Food Sale opened its doors, selling homemade goods to benefit a traditional MSUBS non-profit partner, Hospital Clowns. Few days earlier, Konstantin Sedov, founder and director of Hospital Clowns, had come to meet with 2nd year Bachelor students to share about the work hospital clowns do at major children hospitals, children hospice, and care homes for the elderly.

While the Food Sale was well under way, other MSUBS volunteers were busy helping with Giving Tuesday activities at Blagosfera, a major venue for various non-profits and a long-time partner of MSUBS.

Despite the title, Giving Tuesday did not stop on the following day but continued throughout the week, with things being collected for Charity Shop and pet food and accessories being collected for Bereginya animal shelter. The students not only donated the things but transported the donations to the benefactors, to make sure our charity initiative did not incur additional costs or inconvenience for the charities.

On December 12, the core team for Giving Tuesday at MSUBS, 2nd year Bachelor students, gathered to reflect on the event, to get the feedback and discuss the meaning of volunteering and charity work for future managers. On the same session, the funds raised at Food Sale were passed onto the Hospital Clowns.

This semester, MSUBS students had many opportunities to volunteer or do charity work in a variety of settings and formats. Giving Tuesday, however, remains one of the favourite events, as it allows students to take initiative and support the causes they personally are passionate about, and it provides a unique opportunity to see the immediate results of their efforts. We can surely hope that the next Giving Tuesday at MSUBS will be, at the very least, as big and as productive, as it was this year.