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The Alumni Association of MSU BS


The Business School of MSU, the graduates of MSU BU, as well as the public are interested in developing the business community making up our common living space and influence directly on the quality of life of people in the CIS. The development of activities of the Alumni Association of BS is called upon to implement this task systematically and effectively.

Mission of Alumni Association of BS’s graduates

The formation of the civilised business environment in the CIS through the consolidation and development of highly skilled, ethical and strategically thinking managers.

Guidelines for functioning of Association

  • equal access and equality of its members – there is no “who is more equal than others”.
  • responsibility – the members of the Association commit themselves to follow its principles and to support it by financial contributions and donations.
  • direct democracy – all decisions are through elections and discussions.
  • openness, transparency, legitimacy.
  • respecting the principles of not “who is responsible?”, but “What to do?”

Purposes of Association are:

  • to create opportunities of continuous education for the graduates of BS relying on the academic resources of the School.
  • to increase social capital of the BS’s graduates and reinforcing networks of contacts.
  • to contribute to the development of BS.

We share a mission, principles of the functioning and goals of the Association stated above. The Association, under any circumstances, cannot become a place of business or service the private business interests of individuals.

Graduates of MSU BS



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Olga Matveeva
Programme Director

Department of additional education

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Executive body of  MSU Business School Graduate Association

Daria Byreeva-Polevaya

Executive Director

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