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Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of a Lomonosov MSU BS education because they increase School unity, contribute to the formation of team spirit and foster life-long, collegial networks.

Lomonosov MSU BS students participate in annual football, bowling and ping-pong tournaments and enjoy spring and autumn country retreats to mark the
beginning and the end of each academic year. To celebrate each New Year, Lomonosov MSU BS unites all its students, graduates, faculty and friends for a Grand New Year’s Celebration.

Lomonosov MSU BS establishes standards not only in business education. Since 2003, an annual bowling tournament for all Moscow-based business schools has been organized by Lomonosov MSU BS.

Lomonosov MSU BS students are part of the MSU community of 40,000 students and participate in MSU tournaments featuring football, tennis, skiing, basketball and other athletic activities.

Lomonosov MSU BS students are always welcome to attend and participate in the Strategy for Development seminars and the social gatherings that follow them.

Lomonosov MSU BS is located on the Moscow State University campus and its students benefit from the extensive MSU facilities, such as, its modern library and cultural and sport infrastructures. Right after the beginning of their studies first year students get acquainted with MSU and each other through the “Meet MSU” event.





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MSU BS, Ritsumeikan APU and Meijo University hold joint student project in international business and international financial analysis
MSU BS ran a joint student project with Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan) and Meijo University (Japan) in the context of study courses International business (Professor Sergey Shaposhnikov) and Financial accounting, analysis and audit (Professor Elena Senatorova) in the Spring semester 2015/2016. During this project students developed business strategies for DyDo Drinco Rus (Japan) and Napoly LLC (Russia), analysing financial activities of Russian and Asian companies to evaluate their financial stability. Students participating in this project represented Russia, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and other countries Final defense of projects was held on May 30 via a webinar.

Master class Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Reputation held at MSUBS
Massimilianno Paoleschi, CFO Ferrero of Russia and CIS countries, delivered a master class at MSUBS on April 14, 2016.

Students consider opportunities of professional development at Career Day
On April 11, 2016, MSU BSs students and alumni of undergraduate and graduate programmes participated in a traditional Career Day.

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