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Description of the Programme

The Master Programme in International Business and Strategy provides a strong foundation in launching and management of international companies. The programme enables students to build upon previous academic studies that might not have included a strong managerial or economics component. Visiting faculty, an innovative curriculum and MSU BS’s international corporate network enable Masters students to nurture their careers in a truly international environment. The study schedule is designed to meet the needs of modern, young professionals by allowing them to combine classes and work.

Masters students are encouraged to go abroad for a study tour or a semester of study at one of MSU BS’s partner institutions. The list of Partner institutions can be found here.

Dual degree programme: Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School - University of St Andrews School of Management

Masters students enjoy a unique opportunity to participate in a dual-degree Master programme developed in collaboration with the University of St Andrews School of Management (UK). This programme enables students to spend a second year studying at St Andrews University and to be awarded degrees from the two universities.


The first-year curriculum includes intensive study of the core courses and rigorous English training, which together form a foundation for further academic and professional progress. The second-year curriculum is devoted to professional courses in international business and strategy and includes a wide variety of electives. Second-year students deepen their knowledge through work on research theses that explore management problems encountered in their work or internships. Computer-simulated business games also form an integral part of the curriculum. They allow students to apply their knowledge in a context of virtual company operating in the global business environment.

Final Thesis
A final thesis, based on thorough research of a business case or a managerially important issue, is a compulsory requirement of the Lomonosov MSU BS degree.

Programme format:

Length: two years (4 semesters)

Programme language: English (1st group), Russian (2nd group)

Study groups up to 30 participants

Opportunity to receive industry specialization (for instance, Real Estate Management)

Opportunity to study a semester abroad

Double-degree programme with the University of St Andrews School of Management (UK)

Evening classes to be able to combine study and work

Research projects and internship in companies

Starting from September 2016 the study at the Master Programme in International Business and Strategy will be available both for English-speaking and Russian-speaking students.