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Core Liberal Arts, Management Knowledge and Experience
As an integral part of a classical university education, liberal arts form the core of the Bachelor of Management programme where economics and other social science are emphasized. Core professional disciplines are introduced in the first year of study.
A highly selective admissions policy and an optimised annual intake of 80 students guarantee an individualised approach to all Lomonosov MSU BS undergraduates.

Lomonosov MSU BS
’s teaching philosophy “Action-Reflection-Learning” is especially relevant in the Bachelor of Management programme. Whenever possible, professors use active methods of teaching: practical exercises, case studies, business games, and team projects.

Undergraduates are provided the opportunity to test newly acquired management knowledge during field studies and regular research projects.

Practice of Business
Designed specially for the Bachelor of Management programme, the Practice of Business course is a compulsory part of the curriculum. It starts in the second semester (first year of study) and finishes in the sixth semester (third year of study). Throughout the course, undergraduates work in a real business environment under the guidance of the professional managers and consultants. After testing the knowledge and skills they receive at Lomonosov MSU BS programme in the "real" world, student come back to class to share and analyse their experience with their professors and classmates.

Language of Instruction

International Study Tours and Exchange Programmes
Each Lomonosov MSU BS student is encouraged to go abroad for a selected study tour or to spend a semester abroad in one of Lomonosov MSU BS’s partnering institutions.

Teaching in English
In order to help bachelor students become a valuable part of global business environment and to facilitate the integration of the international students, the majority of the courses held during the third and forth years of the programme are taught in English.

Semester Timetable

1st, 3d, 5th, 7th semesters (fall)

Sept, 1 – Dec.23

Examination session

Dec, 24 – Jan, 24

Winter holidays

Jan, 25 – Feb, 6


2d, 4th, 6th, 8th semesters (spring)

Feb, 7 – May, 23

Examination session

May, 24 – June, 24

Summer holidays

June, 25 – Aug, 31

International students are advised to apply for the third study year of Bachelor of Management programme where most of the courses are taught in English.