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The 21st century arrived. Russian business develops at an ever increasing rate. Moreover, this development is not only quantitative, but also qualitative. Higher world prices for traditional Russian exports and capitalization growth of large Russian companies lead to a very noticeable flow of capital into the Russian economy. And this, in turn, by opening growth opportunities for Russian companies, materially changed the significance of key business factors. Finance and technologies, whilst remaining key factors in business success, take a back seat. The human factor and, especially, management efficiency come to the fore. Globalization requires improving not only the quality of management, but changing the whole approach to management. Russian business leaders have to manage differently not only from the Soviet times, but also from the first decade of the transition to a market economy in the 1990’s.

Business changed qualitatively. New demands were made on management, which led to business education having to change in order to follow the evolution of business. 

Lomonosov MSU BS has always aspired to be a leader in business education, to be adequate for new challenges and demands. We believe that the more difficult the task we have to solve, the more opportunities we can find; the more ambitious the challenge we wish to meet, the more results we can achieve.

Being a Russian business school, we naturally pay attention to the specific character of Russian business and management style, and to the Russian institutional environment. But, having paid due attention to them, we want all our students – undergraduates to MBAs – to be competitive not only in our country, but in the global context. In training our students we put the main emphasis on developing skills and behavior adequate for the demands of tomorrow’s world.
We realize that to accomplish this difficult task we have first to achieve perfection ourselves. One of the ways to do this is to develop solid international connections. We are open to all kinds of cooperation, seeing in it one of the most important conditions for accomplishing our mission – to prepare highly qualified professionals, whose eyes are on the future, and who behave ethically and according to the world’s best practices. This we see as an essential condition for successful development of the Russian economy.
Professor Oleg S. Vikhanskiy
Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

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