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Lomonosov MSU BS accomplishes its mission and achieves its goals by providing the students with the highest quality management education. All Lomonosov MSU BS degree-granting programmes are responsive to the needs of both their students, actual and potential employers and the demands of the labor market. Lomonosov MSU BS prepares its students to be effective managers in business, government, civil society and international organizations.
Workload is deliberately demanding of Lomonosov MSU BS students and faculty. All programmes include rigorous academic courses and practical business involvement. All Lomonosov MSU BS degree-granting programmes build on the use of action-oriented methods of teaching: practical exercises, case method, business games, and group projects, supported by highly professional teachers and instructors. These methods encourage students to internalize and activate the disciplines studied and simultaneously develop teamwork skills.
Lomonosov MSU BS requires high entry standards, which guarantees admission of exceptional
The Bachelor of Management programme provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to identify and solve problems in business and management. As an integral part of a classical university education, liberal arts form the basis of this programme, where economics and other social sciences are emphasized. Core professional disciplines are introduced in the first year of study.  To facilitate study of the foreign languages and develop the intercultural communication abilities. Lomonosov MSU BS organises study tours and short-term educational programmes abroad.
The programme aims to prepare students for success in business and management by creating an environment in which students develop essential managerial skills and attitudes, including high standards of ethical behaviour and individual responsibility. Upon graduation students are able to start or continue their career in Russian or international companies.
The MBA programme is a general management programme for students who have at least two years of managerial experience. The main goal of the programme is to allow students broaden their professional horizons and realise their full career potential.
This programme is for students who have extensive business experience. The student body of the Executive MBA programme is composed of business leaders and owners of companies who wish to develop their businesses and participate in new professional networks.
Research and the development of knowledge are fundamental dimensions of all Lomonosov MSU BS programmes. The Lomonosov MSU BS Doctoral program is structured to foster academic research in applied economics and management. The programme is intended for candidates with outstanding intellectual abilities and a clear commitment to research.