Master-class Secrets of media relations how to deal with mass media

On 29th October GSBA students and alumni took the unique opportunity. Master-class “Secrets of media relations – how to deal with mass media” by Konstantin Bocharsky, chief editor of the journal “Secret firmy” and Sergey Rybak, press-secretary of “Bazovyj element” company, took place at GSBA.

According to the speakers, aims of mass media are crucially different from PR ones. Representatives of the first sphere try to interest by new and extraordinary information. Second – to obtain positively written article on their company. While the first is not interested in the second’s ambitions, but success of the second depends directly on the first’s interests.

Konstantin and Sergey shared their thoughts on what specific information about the company is to be represented to make a journalist interested in writing an article about it. Firstly, it should be up-to-date. Secondly, unique. At third, it should be valuable for the specific audience. And, eventually, it should not be just a list of factual data about the company, but also include some intrigue, conflict or story.

Detailed information supported by real life examples on the above stated features played a great role in understanding PR&mass media cooperation and, particularly, what makes an article interesting for both PR managers and the mass media. Also Kostantin shared some hints of how such an article should be written.
The master-class was organized in the framework of master-classes “The stories of success: companies, people, business” to be presented at GSBA by well-known people from business world.


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