In 2003 GSBA students won 1st prize in Global Management Game.

Global Management Game is a computer-based business strategy simulation used to prepare MBA students for success in today's international business environment.

GSBA students team is the only Russian team that regularly takes part in the Game. In 2003 GSBA team won the 1st prize. In 2007 GSBA team was awarded for the best result in "Shareholder Value" index.

The purpose of the game is to mimic the real-world experience of negotiation, as well as team and financial management across regional, national, cultural, and social borders. It acts as an integration mechanism across the MBA program by bridging the segmented knowledge of all courses to make students better at solving cross-functional, dynamic, and unstructured problems.

The final element is the most crucial when entering the business world—problems are rarely unilateral and solutions rely on a combination of expertise and intuition. One of the underlying goals of the course, then, is to teach students to become less concerned with short-term objectives and to try to see the bigger picture.

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