GSBA MSU is #1 in Top-20 Russian Business Schools

According to the survey held by the leading Russian business magazine “Secret Firmi” GSBA MSU is ranking 1 in the Top 20 Russian business schools.

GSBA’s alumni gave their school the highest grades and as a result the school was placed the highest in 6 out of 7 categories: providing theoretical basis, giving practical knowledge, teachers’ qualification, possibility to learn from other students’ experience, connections gained and entering exams difficulty. Especially inspiring for GSBA is the fact that GSBA’s MBA alumni found highly satisfying the general student level.

General quality of the students’ body has traditionally been a weak point in Russian MBA programs. GSBA proves to be the most satisfying business school in Russia because its tailor-made programs meet perfectly the needs of the students, who wish to foster business careers. Prof. Oleg Vikhansky, GSBA MSU Dean commented on the news: “We have always aspired to be the best. Today is the day when our graduates told us we are. It is a big day for the school”.

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