MSU BS, Ritsumeikan APU and Meijo University hold joint student project in international business and international financial analysis

MSU BS ran a joint student project with Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan)  and Meijo University (Japan) in the context of study courses “International business” (Professor Sergey Shaposhnikov) and “Financial accounting, analysis and audit” (Professor Elena Senatorova) in the Spring semester 2015/2016. During this project students developed business strategies for DyDo Drinco Rus (Japan) and Napoly LLC (Russia), analysing financial activities of Russian and Asian companies to evaluate their financial stability. Students participating in this project represented Russia, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and other countries Final defense of projects was held on May 30 via a webinar.

Students from MSUBS and APU highly appreciated the experience of international cooperation: they developed their professional knowledge, formed practical business skills by facing existing management challenges, improved skills of team-building and implementation of complex research projects.

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