MSU BS students participate in International Green Legacy Hiroshima Initiative

On March 21 the initiative group of MSU BS’s 4th year bachelor students, which was formed last September, handed seeds of Hiroshima’s A-Bomb survivor trees (Ginkgo biloba, Ziziphu jujube, and Ilex rotunda) to the senior officials of MSU Botanic garden.

The participants of this solemn meeting discussed further mutual work and the possibility for developing cooperation between Botanic gardens of MSU and Hiroshima with support from the MSU BS initiative group. Thus, a new long-term project was launched: Russian students will take care of the seeds supported by their Japanese peers. Next year 3rd year students with take over the project.

The project is carried out by MSU BS and MSU Botanic garden on the Russian side, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research - UNITAR, ANT- Hiroshima non-governmental organization, and Hiroshima Botanic garden on the Japanese side.

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