MSU BS students learn CSR practices from SAP CIS

Being strongly committed to ERS principles MSU BS integrates them into the educational process and offers best practices to its students. It often welcomes speakers on ERS topics from its corporate partners who can share their expert opinion and practical experience in this area with students.

On February 25, MSU BS held a workshop of Ekaterina Frolova, CSR and Internal Communications Head of SAP CIS, on the topic: “Social programs in unique time: do social investments generate value?”

Earlier Ekaterina has worked in such companies as Coca-Cola Hellenic, UniCredit Bank, Wimm-Bill-Dann, and PepsiCo. She is interested in CSR, so she focused her speech on social programs and the value they generate. She told about the origins of the corporate social responsibility concept and its types and explained its recent growing popularity.

Ekaterina shared some practical advice on corporate programs’ strategy with students and described how a social program strategy is implemented in SAP CIS. She also explained how to unite efforts of business and non-profit organisations effectively in the context of economic crisis.

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