Iwao Ohashi at MSU BS

On October 26, MSU BS held a workshop “Russian-Japanese cooperation in business and investment” by Iwao Ohashi, an independent expert in strategic development and international cooperation. Currently, Iwao Ohashi is advisor on Japan and APAC at Association of industrial parks in Russia. He is also adviser to Japanese ROTOBO Business Association and a committee moderator for infrastructure development at Japanese business club in Moscow. Ohashi’s expert support is aimed at developing infrastructure in Russia through foreign investments and technologies and introducing innovative concepts.

The workshop covered trade and investment relations between Russia and Japan and their development prospects. Ohashi elaborated on specifics of doing business in Asia, analysed key economic and social development indicators of Japan, and presented import and export data of both countries over the period from 1992 to 2014.

During the workshop Iwao Ohashi touched on Japanese corporate culture, explaining the difference between Japanese and Russian styles of doing business. He told about particular challenges that Japanese companies doing business in Russia often face.

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