26 October Master Class: Russia-Japan: INTERACTION PROSPECTS

Iwao Ohashi, an independent expert on the Russian economic and industrial development and international cooperation.

  • Iwao Ohashi is currently the advisor on Japan and APAC for the Association of Industrial Parks in Russia. He also serves as the advisor for the Moscow Representation of the Japanese business association ‘ROTOBO’ and the moderator for the subcommittee on infrastructure development at the Japanese Business Club in Moscow.
  • Iwao Ohashi’s main direction of work is to assist the infrastructure and territorial development in Russia by connecting it with the possibility to promote and attract foreign investments and technologies on the levels of the conceptual making and implementation.
  • Iwao Ohashi was chief representative and director-general of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Moscow for 1991-98 and 2001-2008. He was general manager in Moscow and chief representative to Russia for Nomura Research Institute for 2008-2014.

Main points of the presentation:

  • What are the local characteristics of accessing the market and doing business in Asia?
  • How could the best use be made of the rich Japanese experience in Russian business?
  • What are the specific characteristics for interaction in traditional industries and promising new ones?


Date:  26 October 2015, 19:00

Venue: Moscow State University Business School, (building one), room 204

The language of Master Class is English!

To participate at Master Class please register at: http://goo.gl/forms/gkY7ucrswo

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