Exchange students visited Ostafyevo country estate on the Day of Karamzin

On September 6, international exchange students, who joined MSU BS for the fall semester, visited Ostafyevo country estate. Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Ostafyevo was closely linked with such famous names as Vyazemsky, Sheremetev, Karamzin, Pushkin, Zhukovsky, Mitskevich, Alexander Griboedov and many others. Together with the representative of the Ostafyevo Museum the students from the MSU BS International Student Committee told the history of this unique estate and showed the manor house and the park to the group.

The international exchange students watched folk dances and listened to music performed in commemoration of the Day of Moscow City and the Birthday of the great Russian historian Nikolai Karamzin who had spent twelve years at Ostafyevo working on his famous "History of the Russian State".

MSU BS has had partnership relations with Ostafyevo country estate for two years. The Business School’s students participate in a volunteer program. As part of the program, once a month students come to the museum to help with the current works (cleaning, sweeping the park, etc.) and to find out more about the place. Once during the academic year, the students organize a special event to promote the museum (a concert, a photo contest, etc.) and at the end of the year, the student teams present business ideas that would help increase the museum's visibility and attract sponsors.

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