How to make a start-up workshop at MSUBS

The workshop from the co-founder of Dream Industries and co-owner of DI Telegraph Co-working Simon Dunlop was held at MSUBS on April 21st.

Simon has lived in Russia for over 20 years. He started his career at Philip Morris company, but then launched his own business and opened a Bridgetown Foods snack production company which has developed into a large enterprise.

In 2006 he decided to run Internet projects and started establishing Dream Industries. The company is focused on things which can improve people. First, these are books, and so Bookmate project was launched. Second, it is knowledge. Information about where one could get it is provided by Theory&Practice online knowledge exchange platform.

In his presentation Simon Dunlop spoke about the specific aspects of Russian business basing on his own start-up experience: Bridgetown Foods, Zvooq, Bookmate, Theory&Practice and Telegraph co-working. He assured students that while developing an idea of a start-up it is extremely important to feel freedom and cooperate with other people who encourage creativity.

Simon also presented the analysis of major Russian IT-market challenges and prospective market niches, shared information of how to enter the global market with a project and to achieve success.

During and after the workshop the speaker answered a lot of questions about his business experience, short-term plans and ambitions in start-up industry.


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