MSUBS Future Manager School participants visited Moscow office of Google

MSUBS Future Manager School participants visited the Moscow office of Google on April 17, 2015. A relatively young company which was founded in 1998 managed to attract several millions of clients all over the world in record-breaking time.

Marketing managers of Google made a tour around the office which according to the architects’ idea should communicate a corporate spirit to its visitors and at the same time form associations with Russia and Moscow. For instance, several meeting rooms are decorated as train carriages and named after Moscow metro stations. Others bear names of popular Russian movies, characters or places.

During the excursion the students could feel the casual atmosphere of the office which encourages efficient collaboration among employees and teams, exchange of opinions and business ideas. The company’s top managers indeed want to support the start-up atmosphere at the office where every employee can speak simply sharing ideas with colleagues and bosses contributing to the achievement of the common goals.

At Google’s office Future Manager School participants could learn firsthand the specific aspect and success factors of work at the international IT-company and opportunities of applying for a job and building a career in the IT-industry.

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